Self-optimization of Production Machines using Big Data Technologies for real time Processing - Student job

For the specializations:

  • Computer Science
  • Automation Engineering with focus on Software
  • Electrical Engineering with focus on Software
  • Computer Science
  • Production IT
  • Cybernetcis
  • Media informatics
  • Software engineering
  • Data Science

Was Sie mitbringen

  • Advanced programming skills in Java (Javascript and Python helpful)
  • Experience in Software Testing / Test automation (continuous integration and delivery systems)
  • Experience with Maven, SBT, Codemetrics
  • First experiences with noSQL databases
  • First experience in using SCRUM as agile project management helpful

Was Sie erwarten können

General Topic:
“Smart optimization of interlinked manufacturing systems” is a project of Fraunhofer IPA at Stuttgart targeting the automation of process optimization in interlinked process chains in high volume production systems. The system is currently in a prototype phase and has been functionally tested in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industry. Now we are stepping towards a real-time analysis system that can derive optimized configurations simultaneously to running production operations.

Your Task:
The team “smart optimization“ is looking for programming and testing support in the field of back-end development considering big data technologies. In the next step we set up a mobile Hadoop infrastructure, a suitable framework and adjust our development process and existing software packages as well as our data base technologies in order to process our continuous data streams in real time and permanently run our models on it.

Therefore we are looking for a motivated programmer who is keen on taking part in our interdisciplinary team. You should be skilled in Java, distributed coding with the help of Git and Software testing approaches. First contact with Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop, Apache Storm and NoSQL-Data bases are helpful.

The team is based in Stuttgart, either working in Stuttgart fulltime or part time is preferred in order to get in touch with the team and to facilitate communication.

What we can offer:
  • Integration into a young and innovative team
  • Getting in touch with industrial partners and hands-on projects to apply and test our developments
  • Interdisciplinary work environtment (your collegeagues are Production engineers, machine controller specialists, Back-end and Front-End developer, Data scientists and computer vision experts)
  • Connection to researchers and scientists in the field of production system planning and production control systems
  • Work space at Fraunhofer IPA at Stuttgart
Die Vergütung richtet sich nach der Gesamtbetriebsvereinbarung zur Beschäftigung der Hilfskräfte.
Die Stelle ist auf eine Dauer von 6-12 Monaten ausgelegt

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Dominik Kicherer
Tel.: 0711 970 1130

Please apply online!

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