Motion Planning for Mobile Manipulation - Studien-/Abschlussarbeit

Ausschreibung für die Fachrichtungen:

  • Automatisierungstechnik
  • Elektrotechnik
  • Informatik
  • Kybernetik
  • Mathematik
  • Physik
  • Regelungstechnik
  • Softwareengineering

Was Sie mitbringen

  • You are a very good student of Electrical Engineering, Cybernetics, Computer Science or a similar subject with a solid background in mathematics
  • Good knowledge of C++ and/or Python
  • You have good knowledge of ROS
  • Practice with motion planning or grasping libraries such as MoveIt!, OpenRave or GraspIt!
  • You are highly motivated to work on challenging tasks
  • You have a good command of English

Was Sie erwarten können

The service robots group at Fraunhofer IPA is engaged in several large research projects which aim at extending the capabilities of service and industrial robots to enable robust pick and place tasks. We are currently searching for an excellent student, who is interested in bringing into practice the most recent planning and control techniques applied to autonomous manipulation.

The motion planning functions of the system are well established, allowing robots to perform free motions. However robust grasping and release of objects is still an open challenge. In this job the student will:
1. Implement and test the already available and state-of-the-art algorithms for manipulation of simple objects.
2. Implement the new motion planner and test it within real-world pick-and-place scenarios.
The software will be developed using ROS and its packages.
3. Extend and generalize the existing grasping algorithms to perform well on a set of various objects and grippers. Grasping motion planner should select optimal contact points, adapt end-effector motion to the contact geometry and perform collision free grasp.
Regarding these ambitious tasks, we provide you with very interesting work together with excellent mentoring. Depending on your needs we offer you an internship or a thesis topic on the described problem. You will find very good research conditions at our institute

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