Masterarbeit – Synthesis and Application of Redox Polymers with Cobalt based Mediators

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Suitable for students of chemistry with strong background and interest in organic synthesis. A high level of interest in interdisciplinary application-oriented research at the biotechnology / chemistry interface is required.

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In the quest for the study and application of enzyme/electrode scaffolds, redox polymers are an important tool to interface the biological and electrode parts, allowing an efficient electron transfer between them. The efficient connection between enzyme and electrode is achieved under specific physical and electrochemical properties of the polymer, making necessary the design and synthesis of the appropriate polymer.

The project is based on the synthesis and application of new redox polymers carrying cobalt complexes as electron mediators.

The interdisciplinary project includes the rational synthetic route design, the synthesis of common polymeric backbones, organic ligands, and the final synthesis and bioelectrochemical application of the redox polymers.

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