The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering in Jena conducts applied optics research on behalf of industry and as part of publicly funded research projects. The range of services includes system solutions, starting with new design concepts, through technology development, manufacturing and measurement methods to the construction of prototypes and pilot series for applications. Fraunhofer IOF is also pioneering applied optical quantum technology, providing innovative solutions science and industry wherever quantum-enhancement may lead to revolutionary applications.

For the Department of Precision Engineering at Fraunhofer IOF we are looking for a Research Assistant (f/m) to join the Microassembly and Quantum Hardware group to develop high-repetition-rate single photon pulse sources, and high-speed quantum random number generators for commercial satellite-based and fiber-based quantum key distribution systems.

Ultra-fast optical communication systems for quantum communication in Space and in fiber networks
While the realisation of quantum communication schemes is routine work in the laboratory, non-trivial engineering challenges emerge in the pursuit of high repetition rates, and practical implementations in existing fiber infrastructure or long-distance free-space links. Your task will be to implement opto-electronic modulation of a high-speed pulsed laser, for application in decoy state quantum key distribution (QKD). We aim for a massive parallelization of quantum communications, allowing to implement next-generation quantum protocols with unrivaled performance in a system that is suitable for real-world deployment.

You can find even more information on the IOF and the Quantum Technologies on our website at:

What we expect from you

The work will be at the intersection of quantum communication and optical engineering, involving ultra-fast optoelectronic modulation and switching of laser pulses. Quantum expertise is not a prerequisite, as the project aims to adapt methods from conventional high-speed optical communications to the quantum operational regime. Prior experience in high-speed analog and digital electronics, as well as strong programming skills will be required for data handling.

With a background in opto-electronics, optical communications, or telecom engineering you will be enthusiastic to work in a multi-disciplinary team with top quality collaborators across Europe. You bring expert knowledge in at least two of the following fields:
  • optics, electronics, electro-optics
  • optical communications, laser technology, integrated Optics
  • FPGA programming
  • High-speed electro-optics, analog signal processing, digital electronics

What you can expect from us

  • personal and professional development opportunities in demanding and practical R&D-projects
  • Networking with first-class industrial partners and research groups
  • Collaboration in a collegial, open-minded team in a modern equipped work environment
Appointment, remuneration and social security benefits based on the public-sector collective wage agreement (TVöD). Additionally Fraunhofer may grant performance-based variable remuneration components.
The working time consists of 39 hours per week.
The position is initially limited for 2 years.
In case of identical qualifications preference will be given to severely disabled candidates.
We would like to point out that the chosen job title also includes the third gender.
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft emphasises gender-independent professional equality.
This vacancy is also available on a part-time basis.

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Job Reference: IOF-2019-8 Closing Date: 25.04.2019