Student Job offer: Smartphone Security

Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie | online seit: 01/23/2012 
Are you looking for an exciting student job? Are you interested in the topic “Smartphone Security”? Then you should consider to apply for a student job („HiWi“ position) at the Fraunhofer SIT!

Integrating research with services the Department Testlab Mobile Security offers mobile security evaluation and assessment services to customers along the whole mobile economic value creation chain. It is the aim of the department to specifically answer the question of “But is it secure, too?” for mobile IT products, services and devices.

The student assistants will support practical and theoretical investigations of smartphone platforms, apps and ecosystems.
Job Description:

The student assistants will be integrated in internal projects targeting the following aspects:

  • Reverse-engineering of platform security measures and mechanisms

  • Design and implementation of automated testing tools

  • App programming

  • Investigations on security relevant mobile aspects

  • Evaluation of emerging technologies and tools to detect, mitigate, triage, and remediate mobile software security defects

About the details of the task, please contact the specified contact person.
Subsequent bachelor and master theses in the field of smartphone security are possible.

Desired Skills and experience:

  • independent and structured work

  • basic knowledge in IT security and IT security relevant protocols

  • basic knowledge of mobile OS concepts/ architectures

  • be familiar with programming in C/C++ or Java

  • iOS ord android programming are a plus

We can offer you:

  • Interesting topic, flexible working hours, 40-80 hours/month

  • Challenges with a connection to real-world problems

  • Opportunity for Bachelor or Master thesis at a later date

  • Either English or German communication

Matthias Ritscher, Fraunhofer SIT
Testlab Mobile Security
Rheinstraße 75
64295 Darmstadt
phone: 06151/869-313
email: matthias.ritscher[at]
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