Researcher Experimental Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Processing

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena conducts applied research in optical system technology on behalf of the industry and as part of publicly funded joint projects. The range of services offered by the Fraunhofer IOF includes system solutions, starting with new design concepts, through the development of technologies, manufacturing and measuring methods to the construction of prototypes and pilot series for applications in the wavelength range from millimeter to nanometer.

The Fraunhofer IOF is also pioneering applied optical quantum technology research and offers innovative solutions for science and industry wherever quantum systems have the potential for revolutionary applications.

For the Department of Emerging Technologies we are seeking highly motivated Postdoc candidates to join the »Quantum Communication Technologies« group. Research in the group focuses on applied quantum technologies - from methods for generating, manipulating, processing, and transmitting quantum states of light, to system-level applications in high-dimensional quantum communication and remote quantum sensing. Our goal is to transfer quantum technologies from the laboratory to practical applications in fiber networks and long-distance satellite links.

We are seeking a researcher with a strong background in experimental quantum physics to support our team in research projects related to:

  • Continuous-variable quantum optics and quantum sensing
  • High-dimensional quantum information processing and multi-partite quantum networks
  • Space-suitable hardware for satellite-based quantum communication and ranging

Your field of work includes the following activities:
  • Application-oriented research in quantum communication and remote sensing
  • Feasibility studies of quantum protocols in presence of noise and attenuation
  • Coordination and supervision of experimental field trials in free-space links and fiber networks
  • Support in the design and manufacturing of field-ready quantum hardware
  • Definition and acquisiton of collaborative research projects

Was Sie mitbringen

With a PhD (or equivalent) in Physics, Photonics, Laser Technology or a closely related field, applicants should have a proven track record in quantum technology research, preferably experimental quantum optics, quantum sensing or quantum information processing and quantum communication.

Successful candidates will be enthusiastic to take project responsibiltiy in a multi-disciplinary team with collaborators from local research groups as well as international partners in academia and industry. Applicants must have excellent communication skills, the ability to keep clear records, to work independently and to coordinate collaborative research activities and field demonstrations. An ability to prepare scientific publications and proposals, and to present results at local, national and international research meetings and trade shows is expected.

Expert knowledge of experimental techniques in any of the following fields:
  • Continous-variable quantum optics and quantum information
  • High-dimensional quantum communication and multi-photon interference
  • Quantum key distribution in fiber networks and/or free-space links
  • Squeezed light, entangled photon and single-photon generation

Additionally, familiarity with the following technologies is highly beneficial:
  • Integrated quantum photonics
  • Waveshaping and electro-optic modulation
  • Structured light and spatial light modulation
  • Optical parametric oscillators, frequency combs

Ideally, you have sound programming and/or scientific computing skills, e.g. in Python. Also German skills are an advantage.

Was Sie erwarten können

  • Personal and professional development opportunities in challenging and practical R&D projects
  • Networking with first-class industrial partners and research groups
  • Cooperation in a collegial, open-minded team in a well-equipped work environment
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Die Stelle ist zunächst auf 2 Jahre befristet.
Die wöchentliche Arbeitszeit beträgt 39 Stunden.
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Kennziffer: IOF-2020-39 Bewerbungsfrist: 31.10.2020