Master thesis in the field of sensor fusion and machine learning for detecting harmful motions - Studien-/Abschlussarbeit

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Elektrotechnik; Informatik; Kybernetik; Softwareengineering; technische Informatik

The department of Biomechatronic Systems at Fraunhofer IPA is currently developing a motion detection platform that is able to recognize harmful motions in order to prevent occupational accidents. The setup has been prepared to collect and record various sensory data synchronously. The sensor fusion algorithms based on deep neural networks have been developed and we demonstrated that the preliminary results are highly promising.

Was Sie mitbringen

• Good programming skills (Python, Embedded C), strong background in deep neural networks and experience in Keras.
• Basic knowledge of electronics and practical experience with sensors are also desirable.
• Creativity, enthusiasm, autonomy are important qualities for this position.

Was Sie erwarten können

The goal of the proposed work is to improve the setup and sensor fusion algorithms further, including the following aspects:
• Adding a new camera and a radar module to the setup
• Embedded coding to preprocess the radar data inside its own DSP
• Developing or using an existing hand-tracking software to automate the collection of larger data
• Preferably developing a simple hand-wearable containing sensors to automate the collection of larger data
• Collecting data for the training of the algorithms
• Improving the developed algorithms depending on additional data from new camera and radar module
• Evaluation of the developed algorithms

Legal aspect:
The thesis is part of a research project of the Fraunhofer Society for Applied Research and is therefore subject to the confidentiality agreement. You reserve the right to request a ban on your thesis for a few years.

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